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  • Miles
    You receive 150 miles per paid night with your rental. If you rent a van for 3 nights and 4 days, you will receive a mileage allotment of 450 miles. (150 x 3 nights = 450 miles) Each additional mile driven beyond your mileage allotment is charged at $0.30 per mile. If you exceed your allotment by 500 miles, you will be billed $150. (500 x 0.30 = 150) No credit is given for unused miles. Overages will be deducted from the security deposit. We do have an of option to add unlimited miles to your reservation at $25 per night on our smaller ProMaster City vans, we do not offer unlimited miles on our Sprinter vans. This option must be added before your arrival date. We do not allow the unlimited miles to be added at the time of your return.
  • Insurance
    We provide insurance on all rentals as long as you pass a driving back ground check. You can use your personal insurance as long as you have non-owned vehicle coverage. Proof of coverage is required before your reservation will be confirmed. You will be required to travel with your policy in hand.
  • Pickup
    Nature Vans is located 20 minutes from the Salt Lake City International airport. We are a home based business and operate by appointments only for van pickup and drop off. Most renters take an Uber / Taxi from the airport to pickup the van. The cost of the Uber / Taxi is about $20. Upon booking we will reach out and coordinate your pickup and drop off appointments. In most cases you can pickup your van as soon as you land. If you are a local renter, we do not have space for your vehicle to be left during your rental period.
  • Bed
    ProMaster City Vans We use the Wayfarer Promaster City camper kits in all our vans. The link below is to Wayfarer's YouTube page showing how the bed is unfolded and folded. The only between the standard Wayfarer bed and the beds in our vans is the padding. We have doubled up on the bench cushions which allows our beds to be covered by cushions instead of sleeping bag pads. We provide two 20 degree sleeping bags with washable liners in all our vans, along with two pillows. The sleeping bag liners, pillows and pillow cases are laundered after each rental. Sprinter Vans Our Sprinter Van has one bed that measures 70" wide and 76" long, putting it somewhere between a Queen and King. The bed use a 4" memory foam mattress. We provide bedding for the beds, including pillows
  • Kitchen
    We provide all the basics needed for a camp style kitchen. Each van includes a two burner propane stove. The stove runs off 1lb propane bottles. Your first full bottle is included in your rental price. You can find replacement bottles in most grocery stores. In addition to the stove, we included pots and pans of varying sizes with all the basic cooking utensils. We also include a kitchen chef knife and cutting board. No camp kitchen would be complete without morning coffee, so we have included a Coleman french press too. The van also includes a fresh water container. In addition to everything you need to cook, we also include a Stanley 16qt adventure cooler. The vans are designed so the stove and kitchen items can be used while standing at the back of the van or easily moved to a campground picnic table.
  • Cancellation
    We require a 5% - 10% deposit at the time of booking. The balance of the reservation is due 7 - 14 days prior to your pickup date. If you cancel prior to the balance due date you will forfeit 50% of your initial deposit. If you cancel after your balance has been paid you will forfeit the entire balance. The $500 security deposit will be held starting 4 days prior to your pickup date and is released within 24hrs of the van being dropped off. A van is only considered booked and reserved once the initial deposit has been paid. Quotes do not guarantee and are not considered as a booked reservation.
  • Restrictions
    Most insurance coverage ends where paved roads end. That being said many campgrounds are accessed via dirt or gravel roads. We understand the van will need to be driven on dirt roads, but you need to understand where the insurance coverage end. You assume all risk and liability while driving on dirt roads. Sand dunes: We encourage everyone to visit the various sand dune locations in Utah and surrounding area, but the van cannot be driven on the sand. You are responsible for all vehicle damage that might occur if you decide to ignore this restriction and drive on the sand dunes. Salt flats: The salt flats are an amazing place to visit and we encourage everyone to see the dry lake beds near the Great Salt Lake. We prohibit the vans being driven out on the salt flats. The salt gets everywhere and sticks to everything under the van. An additional cleaning fee of $500 will be charged if the van shows signs of being driven on the salt flats. Burning Man: 100% not allowed. The fine dust from the lake bed where Burning Man is held will require all filters to be replaced in the van along with extensive cleaning. It will literally ruin the van. If you decide to attend Burning Man, please be ready for excessive cleaning fees, with a minimum charge of $2000, but we reserve the right to make the van whole which could actually be more expensive. Please do not think we will not know if you attend Burning Man. Our vans are equipped with GPS tracking devices. We will know.
  • Power
    ProMaster City Vans We include a two power sources in our vans. The first and most versatile is a Goal Zero Yeti 150. This portable battery box is powerful enough to charge all your electronic devices. It features two USB ports, one 110v port and one 12v port. The battery will be fully charged when you pick up the van and can be recharged while you drive the van. You can learn about the Yeti 150 at the link below. The second power option can be used while driving the van. We include a 12v power inverter that has 4 usb ports and 3 110v ports. The inverter uses the van's 12v power system while the van is running.
  • Goodies
    Each van includes a Lonely Planet National Park guide book. The book is loaded with insider tips for each of the National Parks in and near Utah. Two sets of playing cards for campsite games at night Two lanterns and two flashlights with extra set of batteries Bear spray
  • Not Included
    We do not include the following items: Food - this includes cooking oil, trash bags, salt/pepper, etc. Toiletries - this includes shampoo, soaps, bug spray, towels for bathing, etc.. Specialty gear
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